Why watch straps are the new hot thing in accessories


You might have seen on your newsfeeds or was told by some fashion-oriented friends that watch straps are the new hot thing but you are still not entirely convinced. Or maybe you’re learning about it right now and you’re curious.  In this post, you’ll learn why you should totally join the growing group of watch lovers who own many straps designs and watch faces and how to do it without going bankrupt!

Watch straps for special occasions

Watch bands on a classic watch never disappeared from fashion and style guides when it comes to elegant dinners and special occasions. Simple leather watch straps or stainless-steel bracelets were always great accessories that underlined sophistication and classy looks for both men and women. A watch with a carefully selected band was treated almost like a jewelry and never really went out of fashion.

Making watch straps fun again

Casual and sports watches are a different story. The massive success of smartphones made wearing every day watches obsolete and for a short period of time younger audience forgot how fun and expressive and unique a watch band can be. With an amazing success of Apple Watch, a whole generation rediscovered watch straps and was introduced to the idea of swapping watch bands on a regular basis. Today, owning several watch bands and choosing them based on the rest of the look is a very common thing and is a really fun addition to your overall style.

Unique charm of Milanese watch straps

There’s also a middle ground with classy and universal Milanese/mesh bands. These tightly woven metal watch bands are ideal for all day looks. From office outfits to the party dress, Milanese straps can be a subtle and beautiful element of your stylings. There is also a version of Milanese straps called Shark Mesh that is more suited for bigger watches designed for men. In other words – wherever you go and whatever is your outfit of the day Milanese straps can enhance it when combined with simple face watch design.

Great straps don’t have to cost a fortune

There’s an unlimited amount of choice when it comes to watching straps on the internet. You can say that choice is great but without quality control and editorial you can easily get lost in the sea of mediocre and overpriced products. that is why it is so important to find a place where watch straps of all types are selected by specialists with true passion and experience. This combined with good prices is what allows you to swap watch bands often to always express your current style or even mood! If you are looking for a place like that on the internet check out strapsy.eu and their offer from leather and faux leather through bracelets to great bands for Apple Watch of all types.

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