Typing Lessons for Beginners

In our modern day life computers are becoming increasingly important, and those who can’t handle them well are often left behind as “computer illiterates”. What previously was done by telefax, typewriters, hand writing, telephone calls, personal visits and business meetings, has increasingly been replaced by computers and their all important interface to the rest of the world: the keyboard. This is where you, my dear reader, come into the picture.

If you want to keep op with the rest of the world, and even out compete some of your fellow humans on the labour market, it is a great advantage to be a computer savy. You might have been to discussion groups and on social medias like Facebook or Twitter and experinced how your contributions, your comments, has been buried beneeth hundreds of other comments because others were faster to comment than you. Unless you are already a wiz on the keyboard, you have probably also experienced how frustrating it can be to make typos that slow you down or, if not detected, will make you look less professional than you rearlly are. Well, the solution is simple. All you have to do are the free typing lessons for beginners that you can find on the net. Doing such lessons not only make you more competetive on the labour marked, it makes it possible for you to save a whole lot of precious time. Lets do a little experiment. Lets say you use ten hours a week typing on your computer. If you can just double your typing speed you can save five hours weekly. On a 50 week work year that makes 250 hours.

If you are an independent worker you could turn that into extra profit. If you make just 15 dollars an hour (you probably make more) it would boost your income by 3,750 dollars a year. If you are say 30 years away from your pension, your increased typing speed woulk earn you a whopping 112,500 dollars in extra earnings. Perhaps even more so as your typing speed have a tendency to increase when you have mastered the basics of touch typing such as typing with out looking at the keyboard. If you could triple your typing speed.. well you do the math. By now you probable get the idea. Incrasing you typing speed could very well turn out to be the best investment in your life.

But what if you can’t turn your increased typing speed into increased earnings? Well being a proficient typist will then provide you with a much more stress free working day. Provided of course that your new ablity wont just make your boss give extra work. In that case you might want to keep your inproved typing speed your own little secret so you can enjoy a more stress free woking day. And of course put your new skill on your résumé for that next job you are looking for.

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