Top 4 Most Rewarding Careers with Children

Are you are a naturally caring person with a desire to work with children? If so, there a number of careers out there in which you could make a real difference to the lives of young people.

A teacher is the most obvious choice that comes to mind when people think about working with children. Witnessing the light bulb moments and seeing that you’ve made a difference to the next generation can be very rewarding, especially knowing that ultimately you’re improving young people’s life choices. If you have great communication skills, excellent organization skills and a desire to bring out the best in young people, then going to college for early childhood education, and pursuing a career in teaching may be ideal for you.”

Nursery Nurse
Nursery nurses typically look after children from newborns to around age seven. They are responsible for helping them learn and develop socially, physically and emotionally through child based activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, singing and reading to them. The role also involves feeding, changing and playing with the children. If you have lots of energy, enthusiasm, patience, a good imagination and enjoy taking care of babies and young children then this could be the perfect job for you to consider.

Foster Carer
Not many people are even aware that becoming a Foster Carer is a career choice, however it is actually one of the most rewarding. Sometimes children need fostering because for whatever reason, their parent(s) can no longer take care of them or protect them from harm. Foster Carers provide a welcoming and supportive home where these children and young people can feel valued, respected and part of the family. There are many different types of fostering, so whatever your circumstances there is probably one that will suit you. It is an amazing way to change both a child’s life for the better, and your own. There are many children that currently need fostering in Liverpool, so if you think you’re in a position to offer a child a loving, stable family environment in your own home, then this could be the career for you.

Hospital Play Specialist
Hospital play specialists use play activities as a therapeutic tool to help children in hospitals or hospices. The children they help can range from infants to children and teenagers.They help the children to feel settled, to make friendships with other children, to come to terms with whatever they’re going through and to develop new skills among much more. If you’re a sociable, creative person and are keen to help sick children, then a Hospital play specialist could be the right career choice where you could make a real difference.

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