Things you Didn’t Know about the Clarisonic Brush

Many swear by the Clarisonic brush’s skin improving powers and while using this beauty device is almost entirely dependent on the individual’s skin type and complexion-related issues, the Clarisonic brush has successfully established itself as an universal leader on the market for beauty tools primary due to the often lesser known facts about the benefits it has on the skin.

A common misconception is that the Clarisonic brush acts as an exfoliator; – in fact, the tool does not directly remove layers of the skin the way exfoliation and scrubbing does. Rather, the bristled head removed dead skin cells on the surface and cleanses deeply underneath so as to eliminate traces of pollution and excess oils.

Many users associate the Clarisonic brush purely with preventative or restorative health benefits but this versatile tool is one that fulfills many roles in our every day lives if used to its full potential. Other than its immediate application for deep pore and acne cleansing, the Clarisonic brush can be used on its own to remove makeup such as foundation or powder and, even more interestingly, polish and buff other parts of the body to remove dry skin from the knees or elbows, smooth fine lines on the neck area and remedy the process of ingrown hairs elsewhere on the body. Given that many sonic fashion cleansing brushes, such as this model, which has proved to be a success amongst users who suffer from frequent breakouts, are designed to be water-resistant and therefore optimized for use in the shower for maximum convenience in individual cleansing routines.

It would be wrong to consider the Clarisonic brush a tool on its own because this powerful beauty buy happens to enhance the value and advertised effectiveness of your serum, oil or moisturizer as it prepares the skin for the absorption and better penetration of skin care products. Since the face is a canvas for beauty, regular cleansing from deeply rooted impurities that clog the pores, will mean long term healthy radiance of the skin and the freedom to apply preferred skin care products and more fun with makeup.

Perhaps the most impressive fact about the Clarisonic brush remains less commonly understood by users as it taps into the genuine science that causes it to drastically improve skin condition. The incredibly fast rotative motion of the brush head not only loosens and dislodges acne-causing debris accumulated in the pores but it does the utmost to promote a radiant complexion; – it stimulates the turnover of skill cells. In other words, the Clarisonic presents a power-charged cleanse as well as serving as a wakeup call that taps into the skin’s natural ability for defense and cell renewal for greater elasticity and shine.


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