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Smiling times is an organization which focuses on the welfare of the people. It is the brand of T-shirts at the same time. Selling of T-shirts is for the purpose of the charity. Earning from the selling, the T-shirts is spent for the charity. They work for the welfare of poor people who are in need. They aim to reduce poverty by reaching to the maximum number of people in the world. They have worked in the different countries including South East Asia. They provide the basic needs of the people. They serve the humanity and work for the welfare of the people. The aim of the Smiling Times is not profit earning rather they focus on the provision of services to the people in need without taking profit. Smiling Times also sells T-Shirts of the cause. They aim to fund the needy people from the selling of shirts.

Objective of the Smiling times

Smiling times work for the welfare of the poor people in the world. Its mission is to reduce poverty from all over the world. It wants the poor people to live like the other people in the world. They provide basic needs to the people such as education, shelter, food, etc. The objective of the brand is to sell the shirts and use the maximum amount of earnings on the welfare of the people. The mission of the Smiling Times is to raise the fund from the foundations as well as selling T-shirts and then use these funds for the prosperity of the people. They work with the help of different organizations to better serve the humanity. They want to reduce poverty and provide the ease to the people to get basic needs. They want to promote the love for humanity and sympathy for the poor people.

The mission of the Smiling Times is to spread the love within people for each other by helping. They promote other organizations to do the same job as well. It sells the T-shirts for a cause to serve the humanity and donate some percentage of income from selling.

Working setup with other charity organizations

Smiling times works with the foundations to help the people in need at best possible level. They generate the sources of donation to better know about the poor people in the world. It has worked with the renowned and startup charity organizations to achieve its mission. It has worked with several organizations, and some of these are as follows.

Wildflower home

It supports the women in need. These women may be suffering from the bad circumstances such as the widows and who do not have any support. Smiling times worked with the Wild flower home for the welfare of such kind of women.


WVS works for the protection of the dogs such as injuries during the road accidents and other situations. This kind of dogs is protected by this organization. Smiling times worked with this organization for the protection of dogs. Smiling times sells the brand of T-shirts for a cause of charity and working with such organization to help others in need.

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