Six Tips to save battery life when playing Pokémon Go

Go Pokémon boom has boosted demand for external battery 171%, according to, but besides this great ally, there are several tricks that can help us squeeze more battery of our smartphone to play the fashion app. Also we disclosed here a working pokemon go coins hack by which users can obtain a lot of pokecoins in their account.

Pokémon Go has already achieved more than 75 million downloads and, according Sensor Tower, the application has broken records by achieving reach 50 million downloads in just 19 days, far exceeding the 112 days it took to achieve this encrypts the popular game Candy Crush.This fever has made millions of players have taken to the streets with your smartphone to get all Pokémon as soon as possible.

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The problem arises because of the low battery which have the most mobile, making the necessary external battery Allied player Pokémon any self-respecting. In fact, according to, since the release of Pokémon Go there has been a dramatic increase in demand for portable batteries Power Bank 171%.

But, in addition to an external battery that allows us to extend the life of our smartphone, offers a series of tips to save energy when playing Pokémon Go.

Enable the “Power Save” option

Within the application, the game includes the option “Power Save” to allow maximum energy saving while playing.

Disable the option Augmented Reality

Although it is one of the great attractions of the game, it is also true that augmented reality consumes a lot of battery, so lengthen the life of our device disabling this option.

Lower the screen brightness

The screen is one of the components of a smartphone consume more battery, so minimize glare usually gives large savings results.

Disconnect Wi-Fi and Buetooth

Connect to unknown wifis can be dangerous, so, as we are constantly moving, so best to avoid intrusions on our device to save power it is to disconnect the wireless network search. The same is true with bluetooth.

Goodbye to music and vibration

Although it can be a great companion in the adventure of Pokémon hunt, music is not required to play Pokémon Go, nor activate the vibration. If we disable these options the battery will last us a little more.

Charge mobile correctly

Perform refills it is important to make the most of the battery. It is best not to wait for it to download completely before connecting and is always preferable to connect it directly to the mains.

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