Which New Designer Handbags are Best for Travel


In today’s connected world, travel and fashion are synonymous. It’s now chic to look nice when boarding an airplane and to check into a hotel. Travelers now want to look their best en route to their destinations. Sure we still see a few on fashionables arrive at the airport in sweatpants and t-shirts, but now even those not associated with the world of fashion are pulling together polished outfits when they travel. You don’t have to be a fashion addict to look nice while traveling. Designers now create collections that are not only stylish but also comfortable. Elegant, non-constrictive pants take the place of sloppy sweats while also looking incredibly stylish. Beautiful woven cashmere sweaters provide both comfort and glamor. Nice sweaters and cardigans are some of my very favorite travel essentials. I’m also partial to cashmere wraps and throws as they are perfect for supplying warmth and coziness on a plane and in your hotel room. Many airplane cabins are too cold for my taste, and I always rely on wrapping up in my favorite cashmere.

One essential that is a must-have on every traveler’s list is a durable carry-on and a roomy travel satchel. Both men and women alike travel with carry-ons apart from their checked luggage. One needs something to hold travel essentials such as a laptop, books, magazines, etc. International flights often require even more to occupy yourself, so the journey doesn’t seem as long. With tablets such as the iPad, it’s easy to keep oneself entertained for a 16-hour flight. Before leaving on a long trip, I download several movies and TV series onto my iPad. I still travel with my laptop, but I use my iPad for entertainment purposes. One of my favorite travel satchels has an interior pocket designed specifically for the iPad. It’s an incredible bag because everything I need fits inside and it’s all perfectly organized. There is nothing worse than opening a handbag to find an unorganized, chaotic mess. When I choose a handbag for travel, it’s important for the interior to be large and for the exterior to be structured, so the bag does not easily collapse. If you have traveled with an unstructured handbag, you know how difficult it is to retrieve contents inside easily. Many fashionable designer handbags are not made for travel.

After testing several styles from different brands, one of my favorite designer handbags for travel is by PLIA Designs. PLIA Designs’ Reid satchel is the quintessential travel companion. Not only is the body of this satchel style handbag structured, but the interior is incredibly roomy. I’m able to fit a laptop, magazines, several books and my makeup bag inside. It also has a separate interior pocket for an iPad. The leather bottom is firm giving the handbag a natural structure without being too stiff. I recently carried PLIA’s Reid satchel throughout my winter trip in Switzerland, and I have to say it’s now one of my favorite designer handbags. Not only was it my carry-on, but it did double duty as my handbag as well. So many people stopped me to ask who made this handbag. If you are looking for a new handbag for travel, it’s worth it to check out the Reid satchels by PLIA Designs. You won’t regret my recommendation!

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