Our real life heroes require watched with multiple features. In spite of the luxurious watches, there are some of the watches which are tailor made in order to provide the niche of the military an appropriate material to wear. They should have the characteristics of shock resistance, water resistance, mud resistance and much more. The features differ from the type of field work you do, for example, the diver may require the water resistance feature according to the water depth he dives in. so here are some of the useful suggestions with the feature that will help you in determining the Best Military Watch for you.

Accuracy with quality and sleek design

Although in Military, the look is not the only thing to consider, there are many other features that should be kept in mind while making a purchase. However, there are some watches which are extremely accurate along with the sleekness of design. They look really elegant and add up to the personality. One such example is Casio men’s GA100SD – 8A “G-shock Military” watch. The production in Japan ensures the accuracy and durability. You can set different time zone and view them whenever you want by the world time zone feature. The weight is also really low considering a large number of features in it.

Monitors and other functions

There are certain kinds of functions which are necessary for military personal. If the single watch provides them all those monitors along with the ultimate accuracy, it will be a blessing. Such monitors and functions include the barometer, altimeter, compass, thermometer and heart rate monitor etc. these features are specifically required by the naval soldiers because they do not have all kinds of facilities and equipment in the middle of the water. An excellent example of such watch is the Suunto core watch. This is not only excellent in design but also includes a number of multiple monitors which help the military personnel in the far off areas. it includes the barometer for the forecast of weather, that also starts and alarm to let you know about the change in pressure. The altimeter is also present to record your trip or journey. Even the alti and baroswitch gives you the option to use them alternately.

Timekeeping and Navigation

During the movement in different areas, there are certain things which are really important for the military personnel. If you are buying a watch and you have to navigate a lot then you must look for this feature. There should also be the solar power system installed so that you won’t have to charge the battery. Then, there is a complete automatic light system which will help you to navigate in the little light conditions. Not only these watches are water resistant but also provide you with accurate functioning even in the freezing temperature.

These were some features of the Best Military Watch which will help you in making the buying decision. They will provide the excellent experience will all the comfortable qualities necessary in the field.

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