The endless benefits of starting an ice cream truck business

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Ice cream craving sees no weather and no time; you always need ice cream!  The ice cream truck business has become huge since it is virtually recession-proof. Ice cream and other frozen dairy products are enjoyed in almost all homes, during even the most difficult of economic times. The International ice cream association reports that approximately 90% of the households in the United States of America prefer enjoying a sweet frozen treat after dinner. The most popular flavor of ice cream that holds 28 percent of the sales is quite surprisingly Vanilla. Wait what? I thought chocolate would be the popular flavor, nope chocolate comes second with 14% of sales.

Extraordinary profits and sales.

In 2009 the ice cream sales in the United States were $ 14.5 billion. The sales of ice cream are not affected by the recession since the product is generally affordable.  Now we know about the statistics of the ice cream industry. It is also satisfying to know that this is rather a profitable and much rewarding business.

The ice cream truck business. A rewarding business.


To start an ice cream truck business, firstly you must have an ice cream truck business plan. You need to be creative, efficient and must have a solid commitment to growing the ice cream truck business.  Your ice cream trucks success and failure depends on the ice cream truck business plan that you put into place.  The success of you ice cream truck business depends on the marketing strategies that you put into place. Refine your marketing strategy by targeting the most profitable markets in your area. By targeting the most profitable target market in your area you will be able to attract potential customers that will pay you well and help grow your ice cream truck business.

Location, location, location.

Fortunately for the ice cream truck business you are able to visit the most profitable locations and you are not stuck to just one area. An essential factor to your success is choosing the perfect locations which will attract the maximum potential customers. The ice cream truck business is a mobile business and so the decision of which route to follow is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.

Build a following of dedicated customers.

You must build a customer base who knows when and where to find you. Traveling across areas populated with children like parks and buildings and making friendly conversation with them will attract new customers as well. Having a ice cream truck with mouthwatering graphics and other custom features on the outside of the truck will also help you build a solid customer base. A truck with a good sound system is sure to draw customers from miles away.

The endless ways to grow an ice cream truck business.

You may need to advertise locally and on a personal level as well. Building personal relationship with your customer base is an ideal situation. It helps you know people in your surroundings and they get to know you, thus spreading the word of mouth. The customers literally spread the word that you are in the neighborhood! – An active Facebook page also has grown ice cream truck businesses very quickly.

Benefits of being your own boss running an ice cream truck business:

  • Set your own schedule.
  • Be your own boss.
  • Be out in the community.
  • Have freedom to travel.
  • Make a lot of money fast!

Conclusion: The ice cream truck business is a fun and rewarding business to get into. It is a timeless profession. In every part of the world everyone is always on the lookout for the ice cream truck!

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