Data Science & Analytics: Upcoming trends

The data science as n industry has come a long way in bringing about massive changes to the kind of technologies a business deploys to meet its financial goals. Such changes have stimulated further trends in the industry, a few of which are being looked up to below:

Leveraging Analytics for a talent edge.

I.T has been around since time immemorial and has been adding value to the way we spend our lives. However, the time of data science industry is finally here. The same I.T professionals that were working on computers are now making a switch towards establishing their data science careers.

Healthcare Industry & Data science.

Only the industry insiders would know how crucial the role of the data science industry has been in diagnosing epidemics and their symptoms. For instance, telecom companies used data analytics to go through the conversations of people and detect symptoms in their voices and the stages they were at. This practice has been helpful to such an extent that it has helped healthcare tap into the people who were more likely to encounter the disease and treat them with prior medication thereby saving thousands of lives, at the same time generating the need for skilled people who’re looking forward to data science careers.

Online machine learning

A higher performance is guaranteed by this technology as it can speed up analytical performance by reducing or eliminating disk I/O. In-memory analytics is made interesting by its ability of parallel processing and terabyte systems. Within milliseconds, it renders useful millions, even billions of iterations. This is one of the reasons that a multitude of people has started to look upon data science careers as a viable option.

Evolution of Chatbots

When it comes to the current generation if UX designers, they would find it difficult to operate or even create chat bots from the current user interfaces. This is the reason that’s paving way for a lot of I.T professionals to route for the data science industry. Chat bots are already a major part of many consumer apps and so will be the skill of engineers.

Real-Time automated decision system

Online machine learning and artificial intelligence are the favorite subject field of people who are stepping foot in the data science industry in the 21st century. Primitive rule-based systems are now out of the question and being replaced by online machine learning and artificial intelligence. Such systems can be installed on a large scale.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence could include agent strings, IP addresses of the control servers of botnets as well as hashes of malicious files employed by adversaries. Such feeds have been a part of the emergent data science industry particularly the security community. Engineers are increasingly making use of them with behavioral detection systems.

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