What to Consider When Moving to America from the UK

If you’re somebody who is making the move from the hustle & bustle of the UK to the land of the free in America, you are certainly going to be making one of the biggest decisions of your life. If you’re into your history you will know America and the UK share a connection and the culture is very similar to certain extent. Thousands of people make the move every year and we don’t blame them, everything just seems bigger and better over there! To give you a gentle push to make the move, we’ve put together some of the main things you need to consider before emigrating to America.

The Beautiful Scenery

Granted, in the outskirts of the UK there are some wonderful countryside areas to enjoy nice long walks or drives. But the scenery in the US definitely leaves the UK in its tracks! Depending which area you move to, expect to enjoy wonderful sandy beaches, native forests, great mountains, lakes to fish in, rivers and skyscrapers. With so much diversity in each state, you really have so much to choose from and there literally is something to meet everyone’s taste. It really isn’t a surprise that the highway 1 drive along California’s coast was voted one of the must things to do before you die by Britons.

Getting a Job

Another positive aspect about the move is that the economy is in a stronger state than the UK, meaning that the job market is more fruitful for movers. A lot of the time you will even get paid a higher amount than you would in England. You can argue that the exchange rate may level it out, but after the recent fall of the pound, you’ll find that it is becoming more lucrative. You can even obtain company sponsorship or transfer from a UK business to the American branch, this way it will allow you to stay in the field you love, and know so you don’t have to start from scratch. It’s best If you are taking this route to speak to an immigration lawyer in the USA to ensure the correct documentation is in place.

Quality Education

If you have a young family, education is sure to be one of the things which is most important to you when moving to any country. There is no questioning that the UK education system is one of the best in the world, but America certainly holds its own when it comes to their teaching standards – and the majority expat parents say that the quality of education in there, despite in some regards being more expensive, is a better and more challenging quality than in the UK.

To Sum Up

There are without a doubt a large number of bonuses to taking the long trip over from the UK to the states, and for some people it can be more beneficial than others. One of the things to be most aware of is the legal side of things, and it will be a good idea to contact an immigration service to get all the advice you need to make sure there are no pitfalls or visa issues. But all the serious stuff aside, making the move will be a magnificent adventure so what are you waiting for!

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