Best Selling Washing Machines under 30000 in India (2017)

While everyone would certainly like to simplify their household chores such as laundry, not everyone can afford to spend a huge amount of money on their needs. While there are tons of appliances to choose from, how do you choose a washing machine that is reasonably priced but which also does the job it ought to, perfectly? Well, here are the best-selling washing machines under Rs 30,000 in India, which handle your laundry needs perfectly, while not demolishing your bank account either.

Source: Best Washing Machines under 30000 in India (Review Station)

1. Whirlpool World Series 80H 8Kg Fully Automatic, Top Loading Washing Machine (Rs. 29,500)

This rather compact washing machine handles some heavy duty work with its 8kg washing capacity, handling a huge batch of clothes at a single time. It comes with added features of low water, power, and detergent usage and is specially designed to handle delicate fabrics. Its 12 wash programs give you the flexibility of use, while its top load makes it simple to handle your laundry. It comes with a built-in heater, lint filter, agitator wash and digital display for smart washing. The lint trap feature is especially noteworthy since the machine ensures that your clothes are free of lint after every wash.

2. LG FH0B8NDL22 6Kg Fully Automatic, Front Loading Washing Machine (Rs. 22,999)

At a rather affordable price, this compact front loading washing machine is an absolute money saver. Its capacity of 6 kg is ideal for medium-sized families, while its robust build ensures it lasts long. This sleek washing machine comes with features such as a digital display, built-in heater, and tumble-wash. It also includes an anti-rat cover to keep it safe from gnawing rodents.

3. Bosch WAK20160IN 7Kg Fully Automatic, Front Loading Washing Machine (Rs. 26,999)

Again at a modest cost, this durable fully automatic washing machine is a solid performer. It is stylishly designed to fit into most spaces and offers a rather good capacity for its price. It comes with a user-friendly display system and superb cleaning speed. It includes a monsoon feature that increases the machine’s drying capabilities during rainy seasons. It also includes tumble wash, a built-in heater, and the machine features an anti-vibration design.

4. IFB Senorita Aqua VX 6.5 kg Fully Automatic, Front Loading Washing Machine (Rs. 28,499)

This impressive yet sleek washing machine from IFB certainly delivers with its built-in heater, tumble wash; digital display and 3D wash system. It performs swiftly and impeccably and allows you to add in more clothes even in the middle of a wash cycle. The wash tub has a self-cleaning feature so maintaining your machine is much easier.

5. Bosch WAK24168IN 7kg Fully Automatic, Front Loading Washing Machine (Rs. 25,919)

True to the reputation of Bosch for producing some of the finest appliances, this robust washing machine is no different. It reduces power and water consumption with each wash and thoroughly cleans your clothes, even reaching inaccessible sections. Its anti-vibration design makes your laundry days seamless and stress-free, while its digital display, built-in water heater and tumble dry features are a boon indeed.

You can pick any of the washing machines mentioned above to get the desired services and results.

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