Best office fitout trends to watch out for in 2017

Your office is the one place that gives a client an impression about your work. It can make or break your reputation. This is the reason why companies work their best to build and impressive office. They spend huge sums on their offices so they can make a mark on their clients.

So what is the most effective way to build an impressive office? Hire fit-out services. Office fit-out is trending in Dubai, and that too for all the right reasons. They are very much dependable, in-trend and give a great look to your office environment. And the most appealing thing about them is that they come in budget. Office Fit-out companies in Dubai offer customized services as per the instructions of clients. This way, there is a guarantee of total customer satisfaction. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular trends running Dubai.

Trim down the space

With everything becoming modern and virtual, we hardly need large office spaces. There is so much wireless technology and high usage of latest technologies at work, having large workstations have become almost irrelevant. Fit-out companies are now cutting down on large office spaces and in this place, they are delegating most of your office area for meeting rooms and for other informal discussions. This trend has picked up because of increased use of Technology for office operations. In the current era workers are able to work from any given location and this has paved the path for shrinking workstations.

Open office for open communication

High partitions in an office are now a passe. People are now inclined to have open offices as the not only enhance communication amongst employees, but they also make the whole space look more spacious. Dubai fit-out companies say that people are not only interested in shrinking workstations, they are also becoming more and more open. Offices are either doing away with partitions all together, or they are opting for partitions with lower height. This way, they can foster greater employee interaction. Not just this, the fit-out trends in Dubai also say that a few organizations also want to get rid of private offices.

Managing noise

As appealing it is, open offices come with a major drawback – lack of privacy! It is but common that there is lot of noise when all the employees sit together in open and this also hinders privacy. This makes it hard to concentrate in work.

To tackle this, fitout companies in Dubai are providing small, enclosed spaces. These spaces manage acoustic noises and help employees concentrate. The idea behind these small enclosures is that if an employee needs a day of privacy, then they can pick up their tools and slip into these enclaves. Fit-out companies are also making use of sound masking technologies to provide enhanced privacy to employees.

Different rooms for teams

While most offices simply have one office room for meetings, the current trend is of having dedicated meeting rooms for each room. this reduces the risk of having meeting-overlaps and interruptions.


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