Bathroom cleaning tips you may not know


This part is the worst part of every householder. Not everyone wants to do this. But the bathroom needs to be clean and hygiene. The fact is –it needs to be cleaner than your house. Because all the germs are detected in the bathroom. So to help you, I am giving you some easy and effective cleaning tips.

    Keep the bathroom mirror clean. It gets dirty before anything. You can use some raw fear to clean the mirror. Just spray the tea on the mirror and clean it with the newspaper.

    While cleaning the bathroom, try to remove every unwanted thing. Because they invite germs and bacteria.

    Cleaning shower scam is very important. You can wash the scam with half vinegar and half dish soap. It is very effective in washing.

    You can eliminate hand water stain easily. It is very common to get water stain. Some find it difficult to remove the stain. But it is not. Use lemon juice. You will see the magic.

    Every bathroom has a toothpaste holder. And it gets clogged with soap scam easily. So to clean it you can use dishwasher or cleaning method.

    You can use white vinegar to clean your toilet. It works magically. Vinegar cleans germs, bacteria and keeps your toilet hygiene.

    You can also use vacuum bathroom cleaner to clean the bathroom floor.

    Try to use bleach to clean toilet. It is worth it.

    You will notice that your bathroom will have dust everywhere. Use a dust cleaner and remove all the dust.

    There some corners in the bathroom that have limes. Use some scrubbing powder and scrub. You will get the full clean bathroom.

    The sink of the bathroom tends to get all the dirt and build up. Clean it frequently or else your sink will get full of germs and bacteria.

    As for the floor, the best thing is to use the mop. Mopping will clean your tiles floor better. While mopping use hot water and bleach. You will get a shiny floor in no time.

See it is not a big deal to clean bathroom. You have to just make it happen.

Bathroom cleaning is really a big thing to do. Some take long day preparation to go and clean the bathroom and some just hate to do it. But it is must to keep a bathroom clean. Because the built up and germs will cause a big problem to the health and environment. If you can make the cleaning on regular basis then it will be a great help for you.

Because for daily wash the built up and germs don’t get the room for cleanliness and for this your bathroom will stay hygiene. So to enjoy a clean and hygiene bathroom you have followed some smart bathroom cleaning tips. These tips will help your job done properly and quickly. Do it regularly then you will get used to it. And yes keep all the cleaning equipment dry and clean.
























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