Avoid DIY Roofing

Avoid DIY Roofing

Has your roof seen batter days? Are shingles cracked, missing or sagging? Are you experiencing signs of a roof leak? Whatever the reason to embark on a roof repair or replacement project avoid DIY efforts. Keep yourself safe and ensure a successful roofing project by hiring a professional roofing contractor.
Avoid DIY Roofing
Attempting to perform your own roof repairs can cause a number of issues. Uncompleted inspections, failing to comply with building codes, falls, time constraints and more can be hurdles you have to face with DIY roofing. Professional Calgary roofing contractors have years of professional experience and local knowledge. Professionals can offer warranties, work quickly and provide the highest levels of craftsmanship. If you are in need of a new or repaired roof, do not hesitate to contact a professional immediately.

Roof Inspections
The initial inspection can be the most important part of any roofing project. Inspections determine the kind, source and severity of roof damages. Inspections provide a foundation to create the repair or replacement plan. For example, roof leaks can be found by water damage in your home or business. Though the actual source of the roof leak, as well as its starting point, can be several feet away from the visible damage. Do not risk ineffective roof repairs due to an incomplete initial inspection. Hire a professional to fully inspect your roof if you have any damage concerns.

Falling Risks
More than 40,000 Canadian workers are injured annually due to fall accidents. Falling off a roof can happen fast, with one misstep. A fall from a roof will likely not result in death, as most falls that are fatal are from upwards of 38 feet. Though these falls can put you at serious risk of major injuries. A major injury can stop you from performing your regular job and can lead to a number of serious issues. Professional roofers have various rope systems and experience moving around on a roof. Contractors take safety very seriously and take every precaution to ensure they do not fall. Keep yourself safe from falls and leave your roofing needs to an experienced professional.

Building Regulations
The Alberta Roofing Contractors Association outlines a number of requirements around roofing installations and building processes. Low-slope and steep-slope roofs are the two major categories of new roof projects. The projects need to take in considerations of slope, materials, processes, moisture resistance and more. Failing to abide by these regulations can result in re-doing the project, undoing the repairs or simply in doing more work than is actually required.  Attempting to fully grasp each regulation associated with your specific roof can be daunting. Let an expert install or repair your roof to ensure that the finished project meets every building standard outlined.

Equipment And Time Costs
The costs to attain air compressors, shingles, nails, disposal bins and more can add up to make DIY efforts more costly than professional services. Coordinating your bin and equipment rentals coupled with the duration of the project make your life very busy and can put extreme constraints on your lifestyle. DonÕt make your roof repair more costly and time-consuming than it needs to be.

Products & Service Warranties
A number of roofing products can provide great warranties. In addition, a number of professionals can offer service warranties for their work. When attempting DIY roofing project products warranties can be waved, as the warranty may only remain valid when an accredited professional uses the product. Receive the highest levels of services and wonderful warranties, by hiring a professional for your roof inspection, repair and or replacement needs.

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