Audio Visual Project Management is Key

When any AV installer or integrator is planning a project no matter if that’s for an anti ligature environment in a behavioural unit or installing a backyard outdoor theater, the project has to be planned.

Project planning is essential.

Project planning comes under the banner of project management and you would be amazed at how many projects are mismanaged by organization’s that you presume know better. Even government bodies are not exempt from poor project management.

What’s the implications of poor project management?

The buyer does not get the best deal, the project tends to fall short of what’s required and usually the deadline is missed costing the organization or contractor financially, due to not delivering on the contract and receiving a financial penalty for this failure.

A typical example.

A state correctional facility in Atlanta had a project for installing flat screen displays in cells, replacing the outdated CRT screens that no longer could be repaired.

The project was started in the new design and refurbishment of the cells back in October 2015, with a completion date of March 31st 2016. The TV’S, mounts and protection was handed to a state approved office supply company who had interpreted the specification for the anti ligature TV housing and went to a copy who offers a total plastic solution that is less then 2mm thick, totally unacceptable in any environment that is high risk. The material is acrylic which when hit, shatters into shards that then can be used in an attack on inmates or even guards, to wound them.

These covers as they are not enclosures, they only cover the screen! These can be seen in the video below.

The order was placed and the units delivered at a cost of $1799 each based on a reasonable quantity.

2 weeks before the opening of the new wing, the facility director did a walk round and demanded that the covers be replaced with a more robust solution, as it was not the approved solution.

The Atlanta office furniture contractor contacted us for a price and wanted to know if we could send replacements in 3 weeks, ProEnc could deliver on an expedited service but we needed to know asap about the order. So we provided a formal quote immediately due to the alleged urgency and we followed up the following day to ensure contractor had received the quote. However the response from the president of the company Bill, told us not to chase and they would have to discuss with the state and come back to us. However 1 week on, we’d not had any feedback, we then withdrew our offer knowing we are the only manufacturer to offer this crazy turn around. As we had received 2 large contracts for health care facilities for our new product the recessed anti ligature TV housing. That very day we had the state facility calling us, informing us that the original contractor had been removed from the contract and was there any way we could assist then, unfortunately due to our production capacity, we had to say no. 2 days later we had the order for replacement based on a 4 week lead time.

Talking to the facility director, he informed me that he told the contractor, ‘to get those crap plastic covers off his wall!’

The best thing about the project which was a win win for both parties is our price was considerable less for a more substantial product! The facilities director also told us that the contractor had made the buying decision on the units being in stock and leaving the purchasing to the very last minute!

Thank goodness that ProEnc’s products are specified by the leading architects who advise the correctional and mental health departments on anti ligature products, the professionals in the market.

More information on ProEnc’s anti ligature TV enclosure product portfolio can be seen at




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