5 Maxi Dresses From Mark and Roberts To Wear to a Wedding

In a dilemma what to wear to a wedding? With one glance at Mark and Roberts collection of maxi dresses you will have a pick. Due to their wide range of collections, among them the maxi dresses, makes it easier for you to choose and save money as well.

With the help of their constant coming back discounts you can even afford two dresses for your next wedding event. You will have the chance to sparkle twice on that special day.

Let’s take a look…

1.    Daunting in Dark Blue

This long and blue dress is incredibly versatile! It could be a bridesmaid’s dress for a less formal or formal event – the wavy skirt is a great choice for a wedding venue. Thus, another one piece of Mark and Roberts maxi dresses collection showed its flawlessness.

In the end, it may be the perfect maxi dress for a wedding guest to a spring since the sheery fabric makes it fine for daytime into evening.  Made for a more formal wedding, however, it could pass for a dressy casual wedding since it is all in the accessories.

2.    Burgundy Red

At a first glance it seems casual and simple and as a perfect combination with a fancy pair of flats. On the other hand, if you add some high heels – bingo, the perfect weeding maxi dress.

Have you brought yourself to doubt in the power of Mark and Roberts maxi dresses?

In addition, you can wear this one as a bridesmaid or special stand-alone maid of honor maxi dress. For a slightly laid back wedding style, we would put a long necklace with this and dangling earrings.

3.    Calming in Light Blue

This shade in particular, is a drastic change from the dark blue, and somehow calming and sweet. This transcendent blue is a calming shade of blue described as a weightless and airy. It really sounds like a dreamy color for weddings!

To represent it, I have picked this beautiful beaded maxi gown which brings in the beaded trend and a modern style. The official color for this gown is called French Blue which pairs so well with silver. You can even allow to wear it for a black tie wedding guest. Correspondingly, there is no way out of the beauty coming from the maxi dresses collection ad Mark and Roberts.

4.    Fresh in White

Honestly, this is only a preview from the addictive beauty at Mark and Roberts. White looks much fresh!

5.    Pretty in Peach Pink


It is most certainly the ideal mix of modern and chic. Having said this, it really has that sort of effortless elegance that wedding dressing requires. Once again Mark and Roberts maxi dresses collection has showed each piece to perfection.



The beautiful temperatures,  the sunny bright days and festive feel of the season makes in highly likely that if you are attending a party during this month, either the ceremony or reception, or often – both –  will be held outside.

Whether it is at the beach, at a winery, or at a restaurant, you will need a sexy yet comfy outfit t for the occasion. You need that garb that will go without wilting and will be elegant and elevated enough for wedding maxi dresses.

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